With your donations we have completed Phase 1 and are ready to move onto Phase 2!

Phase 1 – complete! Your community teaching and commercial kitchen is up and running and fully functional with your donations, gifts and grants of $150,000! Woo-hoo! While we are enjoying the deliciousness of this moment, we are also looking ahead to:
Phase 2 – finishing construction of our Learning Center! $60,000 is the goal and we are setting our sites to complete in 2024!

Won’t you help get us over the finish line?

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Your Generous Gift to Food 4 Hope is Greatly Appreciated!


Mulch Madness

Thank You Hofeling Enterprises!

Wow! We needed a mountain of mulch for our community garden. Scott and LeAnn Hofeling, owners of Hofeling Enterprises in Lincoln, heard the call and provided it!

A semi-truck load of nursery-grade mulch was donated to the community garden. We are both grateful and humbled as they stepped up without hesitation and provided this much-needed resource. Now we are busy distributing and spreading the beautiful mulch and are thrilled. As you may know, mulch helps keep the weeds down, helps plants retain water, and improves the aesthetics of the garden. It’s a game-changer!